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(definition of hit the books from the cambridge academic. This is a common expression used by students and teachers.

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The expression hit the books does not mean to physically hit books;

Hit the books idiom sentence. I have finals next week. Hit the books (idiomatic) to study, especially with particular intensity. I gotta go home and hit the books.

Hit the books = study hard Berikut adalah beberapa contoh penggunaan idiom hit the books: The exams are only a month away, if you don’t hit the books now, you’ll surely fail.

Hit the books dapat diartikan belajar, terutama belajar dengan serius atau dengan intens. Hit the books idiom meaning: We can use the verb “hit” in many similar expressions.

They go to the beach when they should be hitting the books and then they wonder why they get bad grades. The given sentence contains an idiom because it contains an expression that is not meant to be taken literally. Do you want to come out tonight?

“danny was in danger of failing, so before his last math test he left the show early to go home and hit the books.” interesting fact about hit the books Its time to turn off the computer and hit the books. When do we use it?

The class of 2000 hits the books: Although no one knows the origin of the idiom “hit the books”, it seems to be related to early idioms such as “hit the trail,” which cowboys used when starting out on a journey. Hit the gym = go to the gym and exercise;

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(idiomatic) to study, especially with particular intensity. You need to hit the books. “i can’t go out this weekend;

The idiom has the connotative meaning of to go to sleep, to take a nap, get some rest and to go to bed. The expression is actually referring to studying. “hit the books” in a sentence (usage in newspaper)

Example sentences — i hit the books all week so now it's time to take a break. Big brothers on your side. Tomorrow i’ll have math exam.

The students in the library were busy hitting the books when the earthquake started. I gotta go home and hit the books. I have to hit the books this weekend — i have two exams next week.

10 universal prince, 15 ethereal, kaapstad way, native jazz, 19 big pat, 24 hit the roof, northerly, rose archway, 32 citi habit,. I was not planning to come to the party but by remaining me of all the good food you twisted my arm! You need to put your nose in a book.

He just listens very careful in class and gets great grades. To study seriously with intensity and concentration; This phrase is used instead of saying go to sleep, i want to sleep or to go to bed.

What does “hit the sack” mean? (far right) new zealand tote: I have an exam tomorrow, i need to hit the books tonight.

— my friend never hits the books, even at exam time. “hit the sack” means to return to one’s bed in order to relax and to sleep. You need to crack a book.

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They go to the beach when they should be hitting the books and then they wonder why they get bad grades. I spent the weekend pounding the books. Idiom hit the books merupakan idiom informal atau slang yang biasanya digunakan pada situasi santai bukan pada keadaan yang formal.

When someone “hits the books” they are not beating up or damaging books, rather they are going to study, if your language learning tutor tells you that you need to “hit the books” more, they are saying that you need to study. You need to do some work. You need to study hard.

I have to hit the books for my english exam.”. Stab someone in the back I have to hit the books.

This expression is just a fun way to say “study”. I’ve had enough of time wasting. In this phrase, hit means to start or to begin.

I have to hit the books because i have a big test tomorrow. Idiom hit the books merupakan idiom informal atau slang yang biasanya digunakan. I think i should hit the books now.

Hit the books in a sentence. Infml to begin to study in a serious and determined way: Idiom ini biasanya digunakan dikalangan para pelajar ketika mereka akan belajar.

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