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The answer is given in the chart below. Counting the words starting with the first word in genesis to the last word in malachi a total of 602,582 add this to the number of books 39 and verses 929 total is the same as the number in numbers 1:46, 603,550.

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The following table contains a list of the 39 old testament books as listed in a typical protestant bible.

How many books are in the old testament kjv. The additional old testament sections in the catholic bible are tobit, judith, wisdom of solomon, ecclesiasticus (sirach), baruch (includes letters of jeremiah), i and ii maccabees, and additional sections for the books of daniel and esther. However, we see only 24 old testament books in the hebrew or jewish scriptures. Both jews and christians view the old testament as the inspired, inerrant word of god.

The total number of words in the old and new testament can be calculated from genesis 6:3. This is because some of these books are combined together. 40 rows there are 80 books in the king james bible;

40 rows total books in the old testament. The new testament consists of 27 books. As you may know, the catholic and protestant bibles differ in the number of books that each considers to be divinely inspired.

27 books in the new testament bible including There are 39 books that comprise the old testament written mostly in hebrew, though some books do have a bit of aramaic. Isaiah, jeremiah, lamentations, baruch, ezekiel, daniel, hosea, joel, amos, obadiah, jonah, micah, nahum, habakkuk, zephaniah, haggai, zechariah, malachi;

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The 39 books of the old testament barnes’ bible charts old testament • genesis • exodus • leviticus • numbers • deuteronomy • joshua • judges • ruth • 1 samuel • 2 samuel • ecclesiastes • song of solomon • isaiah • jeremiah • lamentations • ezekiel • daniel • hosea • joel • amos When citing the latin vulgate , chapter and verse are separated with a comma, for example ioannem 3,16; The catholic bible consists of 46 books in the old testament and 27 books in the new testament (which is the same nt as the protestant bible).

How many books in the new testament? The third book of moses called leviticus. The number of books and chapters in most protestant bibles will be the same.

_____ what book first mentions the ten commandments? The fourth book of moses called numbers. We have 39 books in the old testament of our english protestant bible, written by over 30 people from various walks of life, including kings, shepherds, priests, farmers and prophets.

The jewish bible lists only 24 books rather than the 39 we list in the old testament, but that is because some of the books that christians list separately are combined into one book in the jewish canon. The number of words in the old testament can be found in numbers 1:46. In english bibles chapter and.

Job, psalms, proverbs, ecclesiastes, song of songs, wisdom of solomon, sirach. There are at least 27 individual authors that make up the old testament. 39 in the old testament, 14 in the apocrypha, and 27 in the new testament.

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How many chapters are there in the bible? The second book of moses called exodus. The first book of moses called genesis.

The hebrew word for law is torah. The fifth book of moses called deuteronomy. The jewish scriptures are organized differently, but consist of the same books.

Divisions of old testament books law history poetry prophets major minor • genesis • exodus • leviticus • numbers • deuteronomy • joshua • judges • ruth • 1 samuel • 2 samuel • 1 kings • 2 kings • 1 chronicles • 2 chronicles • ezra • nehemiah • esther • job • psalms • proverbs Samuel, kings, and chronicles are each one book rather than two. How many books in the old testament?

In short, the old testament has 920 chapters distributed in its 46 books. How many books are there in the bible? Psalms 119:18 (kjv) bible statistics according to the kjv.

Total chapters in the old testament.

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