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“the past should be a learning experience not an everlasting punishment. ‘to get over the past, you first have to accept that the past is over.

Every Moment You Live In The Past Is A Moment You Waste In The Present Stop Looking Back Quotes Live In T Regret Quotes Be Present Quotes Moments Quotes

There's no future in it.

Living in the past quotes and sayings. Change is the law of life. 1 the past shouldn’t rob the present, the. The present is here, live it.

4 its good to leave. 3 none of my past experiences can be. If you are anxious, you are living in the future.

You are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. Living in the past is for cowards.

“you know most people live ninety per cent in the past, seven per cent in the present, and that only leaves them three per cent for the future.”. The future is ahead, prepare for it. Well we're living in the shadows of a fading past trapped in the fires of time i've tried not to ever hurt anybody and to stay out of the life of crime and when it's all been said and done i never did know the score one more day is another day away from the girl from the red river shore.

“do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” buddha. “it’s no use going back to yesterday, because i was a different person then.” I've got my faults, but living in the past is not one of them.

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“it’s the centennial celebration,” grandma said. For time and the world do not stand still. “i like to use the hard times in the past to motivate me today.” dwayne johnson.

Living in the past quotes. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future. The past is behind, learn from it.

People who live in the past generally are afraid to compete in the present. “the past is a stepping stone, not a millstone.” top. Sayings enjoy reading and share 100 famous quotes about living in the past and future with everyone.

Living in the past relationship famous quotes & sayings: He who spends time regretting the past, Whatever we think of the past, we must not be prisoners to it.

2 the now is peaceful and blissful, but. I don't believe in living in the past. If you spend time judging and criticizing people, you will not have time

If you are at peace, you are living in the present. If you are depressed you are living in the past. No matter how many t.

List 36 wise famous quotes about living in the present and not the past: Art is not a treasure in the past or an importation from another land, but part of the present life “”losers live in the past.

“the past is the beginning of the beginning and all that is.

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