What To Say To Someone Who Quit Drinking

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To teach someone how to quit drinking alcohol is tricky because it depends on some things. Sometimes knowing what to say to someone with a drinking problem is as much about knowing what not to say.

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While you can’t make them quit drinking, it is important to protect yourself from the negative consequences of their behavior.

What to say to someone who quit drinking. Once again, you broke your promise. Be honest, but choose your words carefully to avoid causing your loved one to become defensive. I stopped drinking 10 years ago and the reality is i dont actually have to provide a reason or excuse other than i dont drink anymore!

Here’s where it’s helpful to start with what not to say: What to say to someone who quit drinking. And if people ask why i just say because it was a personal health choice.

Then u get people starting to turn around and look at themselves and talk about their own drinking habits. Be patient with them and yourself. “do you sometimes drink more than you planned?” “i’m a bit worried about your drinking.” “how can i help you on your journey to change?” blame and accusations don’t help.

The desire to help stop someone who has a drinking problem stems from compassion and concern. If a substance abuser starts drinking again is there anything that we can do to help him quit? I can look at myself in the mirror and feel good about who’s looking back.

Come with me and be alcohol free. Say no to alcohol and yes to pizza. This is if drinking is causing the person pain and damaging consequences:

Gaining alternative perspectives on what might be a serious issue is a good indicator of whether there is a problem. Every aspect of my life improved when i quit drinking. You booze, you cruise, you lose.

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Just think of all the most awful things about your drinking and the wonderful positive things that you have from not drinking. “loving god, thank you for healing [insert person’s name] and for [insert time sober] without alcohol. Blunt statements, such as “you’ve changed” or “your drinking is out of control,” can be interpreted as an attack on their character, even if they hold some truth.

If you loved me you’d stop! A lot of people don’t. If you want to drink, do it, but do it reasonably.

People who try to quit drinking will often slip up and have a couple of drinks, or even get drunk, then wake up feeling awful about their lapse and recommit themselves to recovery. Commonly our quiet ideas or mind babble can be exceptionally vocal, telling us exactly how we ‘ought to’ be: Some people will say when you've been in the process for a long time and you've been going to your recovery meetings and you haven't had a drink they'll say, aren't you done yet?

I find it quite funny. Even a full relapse that lasts weeks, months, or years isn’t a failure. So if your loved one tells you they’ve gone a week without drinking, congratulate them instead of saying “that’s not so long…” if they tell you they passed by a bar on the way to work and resisted the temptation to go inside, compliment their strength of will instead of.

Getting someone to stop drinking alcohol takes more than a singular effort. If people still don’t want to listen there is not much more you can do. Having their suspicions confirmed by someone they trust may provide the push they need to seek help.

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This will help you to change some of the triggers and prompts your mind naturally that persuades you to drink when you’re not sure if you should. Avoid getting angry and saying something you may regret. However, it isn’t up to a friend, spouse or family member to shoulder someone else’s drinking problem, or battle the problem for them.

Do you know how stupid you sounded last night! That we ‘need to’ eat much less, drink much less or be more proactive in our life. Let’s drink and make bad choices.

You’ll be thankful in the end, trust me! Nice thing to say to someone who quit drinking. I mean, you've been doing this for years, shouldn't you be cured already? there's no cure.

Just stop running from yourself and deal with it! Also, just because someone isn’t drinking alcohol at the moment, it’s not to say they don’t still enjoy the social atmosphere of their local public house! A drink that makes bad decisions look good.

Your brain is clouded while drunk, so you might confuse your friends with your enemies. Alcohol can seriously affect relationships between friends and family members, so it’s important to speak to others who are also close to your loved one to determine how they see the situation. It’s okay not to drink;

Please bless and keep him/her, that he/she may resist the next drink and keep resisting it. They might already be upset or worried about their drinking or feel guilty, even if they don’t show it. “yes, giving up alcohol is difficult but so is living your life as it is now.” 47.

First, let me clarify that alcoholic’s anonymous is the program where someone with a drinking problem goes to get help. Don’t argue with them, just state your reasons. Alcohol is not the solution, you are.

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I don’t need alcohol to make bad decisions.

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